вторник, 21 май 2013 г.

Several representatives of Zlatarski International School- Pavlina Nikolova, Detelina Angelova, Krasimir Dzhambazov and Georgi Karashev- took part in the final meeting of the Comenius Project Integration and Equality in the Field of Education by Means of Physical Activity from 08/05/ to 12/05/2013 in Tavira, Portugal.

‘We enjoyed an extremely warm welcome and our hosts did their best to make us feel at home. We participated in different sport events and working sessions along in “Escola Basica D. Manuel I”  with our partners from the other country members of this Comenius Project- Norway, Latvia, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal’. On the 13th of May we were invited to visit Seville, Spain, and to be guests at a conference dedicated to the European projects in education. There our two-year long project and everything we have done on it was presented by the Fernanda Mestre from Portugal. We came back to Bulgaria with wonderful memories and a strong desire to continue working on other projects that enrich both personally and academically students and teachers alike’, shared the Bulgarian team.

събота, 30 март 2013 г.

In 2011 Zlatarski International School successfully applied for the EU’s international Comenius Project Integrationand Equality in theField of Education by Means of Physical Activity, Games and Sports. The project aims at presenting how sports can help the integration of disabled people. By January 2013, twelve Zlatarski International School students form grades 9 to 11, and ten teachers took part in exchange visits with other project-participants in Riga (Latvia), Rena (Norway), and Nicosia (Cyprus).

From January 23 to January 27 2013 Zlatarski International School hosted the next exchange visit. Representatives from 6 European Countries – Spain, Portugal, Norway, Latvia, Cyprus, and Bulgaria – met in the School.
The participants presented specially adapted games in Sports classes, made martenitsi in the Art Workshop, and met actors from the pantomime theatre “Mimeart”, who represented people with hearing disabilities.

The visit ended up with sight-seeing tours in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Sixteen Zlatarski International School students and their families have hosted the visiting foreign students.

сряда, 23 януари 2013 г.

By Eli (10th Grade)
Students from 9th, 10th and 11th grade from Zlatarski International School worked together for the project “Comenius”, which last met in Cyprus. This is an international project, in which students from Norway, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Bulgaria worked together. The Bulgarian team from our School: Tina and Biliana (9th grade), Elitsa and Mario (10th grade) and Bojidar (11th grade) with the help of their teachers: Mrs. Nikolova – coordinator of the project, Mr. Pendev – sports teacher, Mr. Stefanov – music teacher, Mr. Vetsov – English teacher and Mr. Kostov – IT teacher made three documentary films: tennis training between Zlatarski students and paralympics sportsmen, a game with sport character developing speed, agility and flexibility and a clapping-hand video.

The Bulgarian team was welcomed very warmly and cordially in the school of Nicosia. It was a new school with a wonderful campus. The parents of the Cypriot children welcomed us to their homes. The Cypriot families took us to the Cyprus Handcraft Center, where we saw handmade dishes and covers and we learnt a lot about the culture of Cyprus.
In January 2013 all other delegations in the project are coming to Zlatarski School. We expect it to be an interesting experience and we are already getting ready with the preparations.

сряда, 16 май 2012 г.

Zlatarski Team in Rena
Visiting the Drengestua (Alternative Classroom)
Hike in the woods
Playing traditional games
Our host school
A team. consisting of two teachers and five students from Zlatarski International School visited the town of Rena, Norway from May 2 to May 6, 2012. Surrounded by beautiful nature, our group had the chance to experience Norwegian hospitality and cuisine, do some interesting out door activities and participate in an exchange of traditional sports games with the other delegates (Latvia, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus). Thank you to our hosts from the Amot Ungdomsskole!

четвъртък, 19 април 2012 г.

Exhibition dedicated to inspiring disabled sportsmen  

Zlatarski School Students organized and prepared this successful event as part of the Comenius Project "Integration and Equality through means of PE"

With the sports event of the year approaching, aka London 2012 Olympic Games, we are trying to focus the attention of the public on something even more inspiring - the successful performance of renowned Bulgarian paraolympic sportsmen during the last decades.

The organized exhibition at school definitely achieved this goal.

You can find pictures below: 
First two meetings for Comenius project “Integration and equality in the field of education by means of Physical education” 

The project marked a successful start with a meeting between the partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Norway, Latvia and Spain (coordinators) as part of the project “Integration and equality in the field of education by means of Physical education”. Every participant at the meeting introduced the culture and tradition of their country to the students of Antonio Gala School, Dos Hermanas, Seville. Victoria Kovacheva (12А) and her classmates made a short film named “Bulgaria – Culture and Tradition”, which received a warm welcome from their Spanish peers.

The next meeting was in Ropazi, Latvia (January 2012), where each of the partner’s goals and activities for the period October – December 2011 were evaluated. Zlatarski International School presented a logo suggestion for the project, designed by the school's Art club. We also demonstrated three traditional games and discussed the results of a questionnaire related to students' attitude to PE classes. The games and the results from the questionnaire are presented below.
Zalatarski Team in Latvia
A warm welcome in Ropazi
A warm welcome in Ropazi
10-graders from Zlatarski School made a special collage for the Artists from the Home for Art Veterans in Sofia

In December 2011 students from 10th grade organized a Charity Christmas Party for the Artists from the Home for Art Veterans in Sofia. This wonderful initiative brought joy and Christmas spirit in the hearts of these renowned people. Happily, it wasn't the last initiative. In March the same students prepared a collage consisting of photos from the Christmas Party and created martenitsi with the message for health and long and fulfilled life.